How To Be An Effective Strategic Thinker

Strategic thinking

A strategy is one of the most overused words in any industry. People tend to use the word strategy to make their project look more important and to add extra value to the proposals. 

While leaders and managers are expected to show more strategy skills and leadership, many don’t understand what it means.

Which lead to failing in capitalizing on marketing opportunity because of those weak skills.

Strategy and strategic thinking, building a strategy should be your power point nothing should be scary or complicated about it.

Because building a strategy means having a goal, a plan and a timeline to reach it, and the determination to stick to it.

In other words, strategy means looking into the future needs and how today’s action will affect the future “The Big Picture” of the project it's about defeating the temptations of today and having the plan of tomorrow in mind.

In the matter of a fact you are using your strategic thinking more than you think for example:

A high school student who’s spending his nights studying to get to a good university and his plan is to major in business and take extra courses in IT so he will be a manager of a big technology company where he will reach to be the CEO of that company.

Achieving this principal goal is only possible without thinking strategically and having a plan.


In business those who think in advance and do strategical thinking about their fields new trends and what is the best and what can help their business to grow more succeed the most and the first to develop their products, and services to always be in the top of the line among their competitors.



So here are some tips to improve your strategic thinking skills:

  • Have a purpose:

     It may sound cliché, but there are no other words about it. To think strategically, you need to know your goal and where you want to reach with this strategy in other words you need to know where you want to go and be determined to achieve.

  • Start with the end in mind:

     Before you start any project start with the end goal in mind, where you want to reach and not the steps between you where you stand and the end goal.

  • Seek expertise from outside your industry:

     If you want to make a change in your industry try to ask the people who are not related to the industry you are in WHY? Because strategic thinkers seek and embrace perspective that doesn’t fit the mold. In most cases, these unique ideas come from people who are not directly involved in the industry.


  • Avoid daily distractions:

      To build an effective strategy it requires that you stay focus for a long time and avoid as many distractions as possible mainly technology. Our computers and digital devices are main primary sources of distraction so to think strategically you will need to reduce them to the minimum.

  • Find time to think:

Saying “Busy” us the number one enemy for strategical thinking, we often focus on things and situation that are urgent concrete and need our immediate attention and rarely find time to work on what’s making the most significant impact.

  • Surround Yourself with People Smarter Than You:

You’re probably familiar with the saying “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the room.” Narcissists usually make for terrible strategists, as they have a hard time accepting suggestions that make them feel weak and love making every decision and following up on every action item. And yet, the path to personal and professional growth is to listen and learn from others and embrace their view even if it differs from yours.

Strategic thinking is a compelling and sought-after skill acquired through training and experience.

Mastering it will have a massive impact on your personal and professional success. You will be able to respond to changes happening around you, improve your confidence and posses a valuable skill set you can apply in most professions.